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Birthdate:Mar 3
Bruce Banner... the Incredible Hulk.
Current AKA: Brent Dobson
Mun and muse are both over the age of 18.

Bruce Banner is an average sized man, with brown hair and brown eyes,. He wears glasses and often wears hats and jackets in an attempt to disguise himself. As the regular green Hulk, he is about eight feet tall and weighs around 750 lbs. As the Grey Hulk he is only seven feet tall and weighs about 650 lbs. . As the Professor Hulk, he is almost nine feet tall and weighs just over 800 lbs.

Murderer, victim, madman, threat to the world, monster, fool, hero, villain, Bruce Banner has been called it all.

And some of it is truth. He is also the victim of child abuse and a genius of a class so high that Reed Richards once called him "the Brain I wish I could have". And he is also a person with Multiple Personality Disorder. This was suppressed as were most of Bruce's emotions, until after the Gamma Bomb explosion he was caught in. This released those personalities in new forms that took over under various stimuli.

The most common are the following:

The original green Hulk - a childlike mind who just wants to be left alone
The Canny Grey Hulk - a crude selfish being with few morals
The Professor - A green hulk with all Bruce's brains, all Hulk's potential power, plus Grey Hulk's arrogance to boot
The Bruce Banner Green Hulk - a fork of the savage hulk who possessed Bruce's intellect and personality, and was still quite repressed
Maestro - A future form who was selfish and immoral and who ruled an entire city once.

All of them share an immunity to most kinds of magic and force, from lasers to shrapnel, and they heal very fast, even from something as drastic as a nuclear bomb. And they all share the ancient phrase... the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.

Bruce Banner was an award winning physicist, as well as a radiative sciences and cosmic energy scientist before the accident that released his darker sides. These days, Bruce Banner flees captivity from a government that wants equally to experiment on him and kill him. With few friends and no true allies, he runs, avoiding capture whenever he can and only reluctantly allowing his transformations into the Incredible Hulk. And sometime, somewhere, someone decided he was due for a break.

Things are about to get weird.

Bruce Banner has come to Milliways.


As Bruce Banner, he has exceptional intellect. He shapeshifts into the three Hulk forms at various situations and times. As all three hulks, he has massive strength which increases when he is angry, massive toughness, and an incredible healing factor that three times has brought him back from a nuclear blast. He can leap large distances and as the Professor Hulk has all Banner's genius. Magic generally tickles Hulk, and does little else.

Bruce Banner is from The Incredible Hulk comic book, and is the property of Marvel Comics. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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